January 3, 2014

happy new year!

hi sweet friends & followers! goodness me it's been 3 months since i posted last. not ok in my book, because i love love blogging! so life giving & good for my soul & mind & therefore good for my family. :) so if i did "new years resolutions" this would be it… to blog more (& read the huge stack of books that's been piling up in my room). but seriously, i hate that i haven't been able to write out what's going on in our little family & in my heart & share some photos. life has gotten super crazy with mike being in the pastor's college, jude starting school, burdees, our adoptionphotography, etc etc etc. i know it's only going to get busier, but i would like to make blogging a priority! so here's to that, by God's grace! may i manage my time well so that i can do things that are life giving! hope your new year is happy!


Shanna Mallon said...

Welcome back! I'm thankful for Instagram and the way it spreads little bits of beauty and life to one another, and I'm thankful for your voice both here and there. Who would have thought that when Tim and I went to Louisville last year it would lead me to your blog and to the sweet, grace-filled words in it? Always glad I stopped here. Happy 2014!

Olive said...

(: missed reading your posts and seeing those lovely pictures.

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