January 7, 2014

feeling more like myself

(december 2013. franklin, tn.)

so for the past 1 1/2-2 years i have not felt like myself. i've been exhausted, moody & in general not "me". i've never been an angry person, but goodness the way i've been feeling has brought out the sin of anger in me. i've been so impatient & short with my boys, having no grace for their sin. my sin towards them has grieved my heart & i know has grieved the Lord's. everyday i felt awful physically & i would act out of the way i was feeling. the Lord would bring conviction to my heart & i would ask the boys to forgive me. all that to say… i am so so grateful that by God's grace i found an amazing holistic practitioner & found out i have adrenal fatigue, which is caused by chronic stress (i think it's because of all the trials our family has been through that finally caught up with me)! so i've been taking a ton of herbal supplements, trying to get more sleep, eating well & staying away from as much stress as possible (which is quite laughable when your husband is in seminary & you are raising 3 boys;)). praise the Lord i'm feeling normal! i'm not exhausted! i feel happier & less stressed! God is so faithful! i know He had purposes in those physical trials, but i rejoice that they look like they're coming to an end! i'm sure my boys are happy to have "their mommy" back. ;) God is so good! He sustains! just wanted to share this bit of happy news! 2014 is going to be a great year & i won't be too tired to enjoy it!!!


Courtney Kassner said...

I can only imagine the stress of raising 3 young boys with a husband in seminary! It was stressful with my husband and seminary and we didn't have any kids yet! Thank God for His healing! Glad you are feeling better!


shanna mallon said...

That's fantastic! It's amazing amazing amazing how much our bodies and minds and hearts are connected.

allison barker said...

thanks ladies! God is so faithful!

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