January 9, 2014

a camping trip video

our camping adventure happened last summer & i've been wanting to do this since then… here it is FINALLY! so grateful for this trip we got to take up the east coast together! we're planning on going back this summer! enjoy!


Kate Kubler said...

I'm the biggest good and totally teared up during that video. Just so thankful for your sweet precious family:)

also, who sings that song. loved it!

Megan Jean Triplett said...

So sweet! Glad you're back to blogging! :)

justicepirate.com said...

my younger son has the same grey sweater with yellow stripes that your one son has.
I love Maine. I have never been to a sand beach there though, only really rocky ones!

Like an infinite fall said...

So happy you are back blogging! I really like this video, Maine is just so pretty.

Have a nice day!

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