September 6, 2013


(roanoke, va . july 2013)

someone recently pointed out to us that our boys were getting a long better. they weren't fighting as much & they were playing together really well. it's really good to have outside perspective on your life & you're current situation. whatever season we're in it can feel like it's "THE WORST THING EVER". it can feel like it's the craziest you're life has ever been & it will obviously always be like that. ;) but we thought about it... thought about where our boys were a few months ago & where they are now... & we rejoice in our Father's good good work! our boys are growing & maturing & we are seeing the fruit of our labor. praise the Lord for His grace. even in our own lives it is good to look at what He's brought us out of, the sin He's removed from our hearts & the continued work of His sanctification in us. i'm so thankful He doesn't leave us the way we are! 

*Sarah, you're the winner of the mon voir giveaway! leave me your email address below so i can get you the details! thanks to everyone who entered!*


Sarah said...

Oh hooray!
I hope it sends my email with my Google account so just you can see it! [I don't like to put it public on the Internet!]

[Also, that is a very cute picture!]

allison barker said...

sarah, email me at afterhissmile at gmail dot com.

allison barker said...
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allison barker said...
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