June 7, 2013

treading water

photo copy 3
some days i feel like i'm just doing well to keep my head above water!! & i get sooooooo frustrated with myself! i start thinking, "what in the world am i doing with my time? i'm not being faithful with my days! i'm not spending enough time with them! i'm not discipling them well!" oh goodness!!!!!!! thank You Father for Your great grace & patience with me! oh i'm soooo thankful that just because i'm "mommy" doesn't mean He's finished with me! that i'm still His child & He still works on my heart daily! He NEVER gives up on me! & He is faithful to redeem my time & He is faithful to work in our family even when i am faithless & lazy & not relying on His grace! He works in us always... even when we don't see & we don't know His purposes! 3 sweet little hearts that run around our house all day... it's not MY job to be "god" to them... i'm just a fellow sinner that loves them & leans on my Father to shepherd their hearts & mine as i learn how to love & care for them better. thank You Lord!

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