June 5, 2013

the way i greet these faces

our pastor encouraged us a few sundays ago in how we greet one another in the body of Christ. he talked about how the way we say "hello" will affect how the rest of our conversation will go with whoever we are greeting. i was thinking about my days with these sweet faces... how i greet them each morning or when i've been away from them or after naps... those first few moments will affect how the rest of our day goes. it will affect how they respond to me, if they feel cherished & loved, if they feel heard & cared for. they will know if mommy is in a "good mood" or not. ;) i am, in a sense, setting the "tone" for our day. to get down on their level or pick them up & squeeze them & tell them how much i love them & how much i missed them while they were sleeping or while i was away. seems to set a happier atmosphere in our home than if we just all wake up & get on with our day. :)

what do you do to greet your family if you've been away?


Sarah Harmon said...

I look for new posts from you everyday for inspiration and inspiring reflection within me. I never post a comment but I'm going to start. This relatively simple idea of how we say hello has really sparked something in me. Thank you so much for posting this. When I walk in the door from work, I usually get out a half-hearted hello to my husband, but I feel the need to say "Heyyyy buddy" to my son. This post has inspired me to put so much more love and tenderness into my greeting with my husband. Thank you so much for your inspirational, God-centered posts.

naninana noni said...

thats so true, totally experiencing the same thing. sometimes it´s also just a matter of focussing. I always try to make some time just for enjoying each other and cuddling after waking up each morning, and before proceeding in our sometimes busy time schedule...it´s such a good start into the day to be happy and aware that we are lucky to have each other! love that post!

Mägi said...

Encouraging reminder.
Thank you!

allison barker said...

thank you friends!!!!

justicepirate.com said...

Your pastor makes a great point. I am not sure how I greet my children, though usually our 6 year old greets us first with a "Good Morning Mama/Papa" and we say it back to him. He is usually bright and shiny when he wakes up which helps us. . .so glad he makes the first move.

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