June 6, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (what does it profit them?)

"for what end do you send your children to school? 'why, that they may be fit to live in the world.' in which world do you mean--this or the next? perhaps you thought of this world only and had forgot that there is a world to come; yea, and one that will last forever! pray take this into your account, and send them to such masters as will keep it always before their eyes.... surely, if you love or fear God yourself, this will be your first consideration: 'in what business will your son be most likely to love and serve God? in what employment will he have the greatest advantage for laying treasure in heaven?' i have been shocked above measure in observing how little this is attended to, even by pious parents! even these consider only how he may get most money; not how he may get most holiness! ... upon this motive they fix him in a business which will necessarily expose him to such temptations as will leave him not a probability, if a possibility, of serving God. o savage parents! unnatural, diabolical cruelty--if you believe there is another world." -john wesley

what are we preparing them for? for THIS world? building wealth? building knowledge? building success? for what? what is our end goal for them? to make them "good" men & women that look out for themselves & store up "treasures" on this earth? 

we are training their hearts for the world that is to come! to meet their Maker! to love people by His grace & serve Him all of their days! to put Him before all other things & put their selves & their wants & desires last! to be uncomfortable for His sake! to seek His kingdom first!!!

"if our children become our brothers and sister in Christ, their days upon this earth are preparatory for glory that will never end. that's why our primary purpose for these children must not be anything as small and miserable as success. our purpose should be to leverage our children's lives to advance God's kingdom so that every tribe, every nation, and every people group gains the opportunity to respond in faith to the rightful King of kings." -timothy paul jones

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Abigail Jasmine said...

Aw, I loooove this! Just yesterday I was thinking about this same idea...because I almost bought this book called, "Glimpses of Grace; Treasuring the Gospel in your home"

I so need the reminder of having the gospel in my home!!

allison barker said...

i have that book!!! i need to read it!

Lindy said...

this was so good and convicting. oh that i may parent in such a way that i can feel the gaze of the Lord ever on me. i want to raise my children to have their hope anchored in the age to come! thank you for writing this!

allison barker said...

so good! thanks lindy!

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