June 28, 2013


i've talked many times about how we like to keep our boys close. we have done attachment parenting & co-sleeping with all of them. we want them to feel secure in our love for them. i was thinking of what a beautiful word "nurture" is in the role of being a parent/mommy. the definition of "nurture" is "to feed & protect, to support & encourage, as during the period of training or development, to bring up, train, educate". this is it! this is what we are to do in our homes! nurture our children, train them, feed them, protect them, support, encourage, educate. we're discipling them day in & day out. we're educating them & feeding this minds & hearts, showing them the gospel. & our goal in all of this is not just to "mark it off our never ending list". in their period of development we're pouring ourselves into them that they may know & love the Lord, that they may love others, that they would be loved. to nurture... what a huge responsibility... give us grace Lord! 

i just started reading glimpses of grace & in just the first few pages my heart has been encouraged & challenged & reminded to cling to my Lord. read it friends! can't wait to learn more from this book & share more with you!

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Jen Landers said...

oh my lands. I am so glad a good friend sent me to your blog and to read on attachment parenting but also with Jesus at the center! Ah! So great! Will be following you on your journey to love Jesus and your hubs and kids well!

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