June 10, 2013

memories for miles & miles

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i recently went back to my hometown to visit family & host a wedding shower for my younger sister. i took jude with me for the weekend & one morning jude & i drove around to see a few of the houses i grew up in. goodness there are so many memories in those 4 walls, the yards & neighborhoods. i grew up there! years & years of growing & learning & being shaped into who i am now. being a kid & dreaming. "that was my whole world, it was all i knew." (listen to the song below by sara groves)
goodness this song evokes so much deep & raw emotion in me. every time i hear this song i want to cry. sweet sweet hours & days were spent playing & imagining. & there are also sad memories of loss & hurt. but as i look at these 3 buildings i am amazed at of how good & faithful my Father is! He never forsook me. in my sin & rebellion He drew me close & forgave me. in my loss & heartache... He has always been close. i grew up pushing Him away, but He did not neglect me or keep His love from me. He sought after me always!

my children are living the days & making the memories that i am looking back on now. these are the days that they will look back on. they are becoming who they will be. they are being shaped by everything we do. Father, fill our home with grace, peace, brokenness, patience, joy. be what's most important to this little family. be honored everyday in our home. 
"He has withheld no good thing."


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