May 1, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (unchanging)

i feel like our family is always changing! it feels like a roller coaster most weeks. we will be in a really good/fun/easy/joyful season for a few days or weeks & then the next day it feels like we're spiraling downward! i'm often annoyed that we can't just be consistent... "WHY CAN'T EVERYONE JUST GET ALONG?!" ;) oh but we're human & goodness we're utterly lost & hopeless apart from Christ. i'm reminded in the middle of the ups & downs of 3 crazy boys, 1 tired mommy & 1 sweet husband that is busy with homework... that my Savior never changes! 

"every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." james 1:17

oh what else can we (failing, changing, emotional beings) do, but cling to our Father?! by learning to hold fast to Him during the mundane ups & downs we are learning to be immovable in tragedy, pain & changing circumstances. 
He is all we have!


sarah j. said...

"by learning to hold fast to Him during the mundane ups and downs..."

i heard someone say this week, "life is lived in the mundane. not in the momentary highs, but in the day to day. that is when we need to cling to Christ."

i love how these comments have been reminding me to strive to walk closer with my heavenly Father every day.

thanks for sharing.

allison barker said...


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