May 23, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (to care for them well)

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i have this heavy heavy burden to love my boys well! i want to much to care for their souls well, to make sure they "feel" loved & cared for, i don't want to mess up, i don't want to waste my days with them. i watch them & want them so much to love others well, to love the Lord & to know they are loved. this is a great calling... to raise boys who will grow into men/husbands/daddies & then in turn raise boys who will grow. are we doing it right? do they know they are loved? i can get so caught up in the "how" instead of just doing it & resting in His all sufficient grace & strength.

our Father cares for our hearts & He is burdened for us to know Him & to know that we are loved. He cares for us well. He sees us... we're not just a number. we're not just "one of the kids". He calls us by name. we are His. everything He does is for our good & sanctification... He is making us more like Him, our Father. He is gracious & compassionate. thank You Lord!

we're starting an instagram community for "the gospel in her home"!!!
throughout the week share a picture & a few sentences that express how the Father is teaching you about the gospel in your home. make sure to use the hashtag #thegospelinherhome ! then look through all the ladies that are sharing on #thegospelinherhome to be encouraged & to encourage! what a great way to fellowship with women around the world!

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