May 30, 2013

the days we have

there are days, many days lately, when i feel like i've been unfaithful with what the Father has entrusted to me. days when i feel like all i've accomplished is house work, meals made, toys picked up, children corrected, diapers changed. & i start going through a huge list of "what i'm not getting done". i worry so much over not shepherding & discipling our children's hearts well. & then in the middle of my unloading all of this on my gracious husband... he reminds me... we ARE discipling them. they are watching us live. they are learning just by being with us day in & day out. (& that's a whole other worry... THEY'RE LEARNING BY OUR LIVES! oh goodness! give us grace Father!) 
i can get so worried about not doing it well & if we have a proper "plan" in place for "doing it well" that i'm often times not actually living in & taking advantage of the days we have (messy plan or no plan at all)! yes, we can always improve. the Father can ALWAYS sanctify us... because we are sinners & moment by moment we need Him! maybe that's what i'm teaching my children now. our moments & days are always changing & no matter how much "we accomplish" we are always relying on the grace of our God anyway. so it is all in His sovereignty & purposes for us that these days happen the way they do. not one day, hour, minute, second is a waste. it is all for His glory & our sanctification & good. & it is not a waste just because i didn't have "a perfect plan" in place.

how do you make the most of your days even when they aren't going as you had hoped?


gillian claire said...

I love this - what great reminder!

allison barker said...


Laura said...

Yes. Sometimes I get in these moods where I make lists of all the things I should be doing...and let guilt grab me and drag me down into discouragement. But you said it -- we are always relying on God anyway and all that we do is for His glory. Well said. Courage to you in this journey!

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