May 21, 2013

lately grams

first off... the winners of the burdees giveaway are constanze & amber!!!! yay! congrats ladies! email me your addresses at afterHissmile at gmail dot com & let me know which pair you want! :)
now for some lately grams...
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1) sammy caught a caterpillar & took him for a ride on his tricycle. 2) the derby parade! 3) ready to head to nashville on a surprise getaway with my man. 4) down by the river watching the steamboat race. 5) sitting & reading. 6) riding. 7) favorite wall! 8) we're into our 2nd week of swimming lessons! 
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude... when he's talking about multiple people, "them chothers".
*jude has seen "mary poppins" once & now he calls every chimney a "chim chimney".
*sammy... when he thinks i have a good idea, "dood idea mommy".
*sammy... when he doesn't know, "um, i-an-know".
*sammy's name for "flip flops", "bip bops".
*amos... when he wants to help, "i hep you".
*amos... when he wants to be held, "i hode jew".
*and they all call a bumble bee a "buzzy buzzy bee".
*we are love love loving daddy being home everyday.
*and i am so so proud of him for all his good grades & finishing the semester well! this man is SMART!!!!

got some lately grams? share your link below. ;)


Like an infinite fall said...

I really like your dress! Were did you get it?

allison barker said...

thanks! i got it from an instagram vintage shop!

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