May 15, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (His kindness)

"God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance"
romans 2:4

i can be so impatient & unkind toward my boys. in their moments of disobedience & sin i want to make sure they know i'm serious. so i may raise my voice or look at them sternly. but that is not showing them Christ. how are we to be firm with our children & yet be loving & patient & kind? my anger will not lead them to repentance. the kindness of God will lead them to repentance... for their sin of disobedience, their sin of selfishness, & all the sin that is in their hearts at just a few years old. the kindness, generosity, compassion, goodness, affection, graciousness, forbearance, gentleness, patience, tenderness & sweetness of our God is what will draw them to their knees in repentance before Him. Father, give me grace to show them the same kindness You have shown me & that drew me to repentance. in my moments of weakness may i show them Your kindness as You draw me to repentance for my sin toward them. oh i need You! & i've seen Your kindness for many years & Your tenderness toward me amazes me! show me how to show them who You are!

& none of this is to say that we do not discipline them for their sin. just as our Father loves us & disciplines us... we love our children & this is what He commands!

"my son, do not despise the Lord's discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights." proverbs 3:11-12



Matt and Maria said...

Oh, so true! It is impossible to find that place of kind firmness without the Holy Spirit, and I know that I am not walking in the spirit enough in this area. May the Lord give us wisdom obedience.

Mrs.NatClem said...

what good truth! I just had to repent to my son for not walking in the Spirit, but in impatience and anger. While he was having an emotional meltdown, I only responded in a raised voice and withdrew from him. I felt the nudging of the Spirit saying, "A gentle answer turns away wrath...." Oh yeah, gentle. And then I knew he needed me...a hug, loving words...not withdrawing. Praise God for His Spirit that convicts us and that He will be faithful and true to our children, in spite of us.

allison barker said...

:) thank you for sharing & reading friends!!

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