May 20, 2013


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do you ever have days when you feel like your brain is just "blah"? honestly i think there is a lot to say for NEEDING time with other adults, time to be creative without little ones around, time alone to get out of the house. what a blessing it is to raise these little ones & be in their "world"... but that "world" for me is the world of a 4 1/2 year old, a 2 1/2 year old & a 2 year old. our brains are maybe not getting the challenging & stimulation they need on a daily basis. i've so enjoyed blogging for that reason. it makes my mind work more than it has to 24/7 with 3 little boys. & burdees has been fun for me for that reason as well. it gives me a creative outlet just like my photography. i also really enjoy cooking & decorating because it gets my head working on something other than breaking up fights, picking up toys, playing games, answer questions. ;) i can sometimes feel selfish spending time on these other things, things that i enjoy & give me life, but we also NEED to be happy/healthy/mentally awake mommies... so these things, in a way, are making us better mommies & therefore blessing our families as well. :)

what do you like to do to keep yourself going/challenged/creating?

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Bushel and a Peck said...

very true! the best gift we can give them is to be present both mentally and physically and that requires a little recharge time doing the things that bring us life! for me, i need to exercise everyday! but i do love to peruse a thrift store, or even target by myself :)

Laura said...

Yes. I feel bleh a lot! I'm not always sure what to do about it. I usually get online and read blogs to pretend I'm doing something with other moms. I do like to walk by myself when given the opportunity, but alone time is pretty scarce.

allison barker said...


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