May 7, 2013

all our days

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here i am, living in the middle of all i've ever wanted & dreamt of! a wife & mommy is what i've longed for, prayed for, worked for, it's what the Father created me for... & here i am! i'm caring for 4 hearts. i want to be faithful! what a high & great calling it is to disciple little hearts to know & understand who God is. what a huge responsibility to teach them ALL THEY NEED TO KNOW! what a great honor to walk beside my husband & love him & serve him & complete him as he leads our family. am i being faithful? there are many evenings that i look at our day spent & think, "their bellies are full, the toys are put away, the clothes are clean, but are their souls cared for?" many days are wasted & many are not & i'm thankful that He works in all our days. He is faithful to complete His work always, even when i am faithless. be glorified in our family, Lord! use me! make me steadfast as a wife & mommy. may my goal always be to make much of You in our home!

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Nelson said...

Your words are food for my soul, as they are the words of mine as well. Thank you for being faithful to share a glimpse into your life through this blog. It is a hopeful little picture of the gospel for the rest of us.

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