May 2, 2013

adoption & the gospel pt 11

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what a year has done for our family of 5! our amos feels more & more like our son & brother everyday! we cannot imagine our family without him... it would be too quiet! ;) our boy is clinging to our family way more than he did a year ago or even just a few months ago. he can still get confused & become best buds with anyone who will talk with him, play with him, or hold him (which we still don't prefer because of his need of consistent attachment to us). he can still get easily confused of who his family is & who his caretakers are. when he got confused about who his family was a year ago he would run to anyone who seemed to care & now when he's hurt or scared he'll run straight to mommy & daddy! he knows we're sticking around! he's learning & finding his place! he feels safe & at home & confident to be himself. i pray he has peace about us & his birth mom & dad as he grows. i pray he sees the gospel demonstrated through his story. yet, i know he will wonder. i know he will still be unsure of us at times & question if he would be happier somewhere else. 

oh we spend our lives searching for someone or something to care for us. many times we look to the things of this world, to other people, we look to comfortable circumstances... yet THE ONLY ONE we need is near! & when we find Him it takes months & years to be comfortable in His care. & He has proven His love by coming to rescue us & He is always with us. He will never abandon us! & we grow more sure of His love & we grow more confident in that we are His sons & daughters. we may question Him in this life. we may even say we've walked away & found something better. but we will return to Him! He cannot lose one of His own! & we will remember... what He's done for us & who He is, who He's always been. 
our Father, You are good!

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Joleen Pete said...

Yes, He is! I loved this so much. Thank you.

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