April 25, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (little/dirty hearts)

a few nights ago during family worship we explained to the boys that their great granddad passed away & went to be with God in heaven. we talked for awhile about papa, grandmom cerny & their big sister caroline. we talked about dirty hearts made clean by Jesus. we talked about how we have to believe that Jesus paid the debt for our awful sin by dying on the cross that we may be forgiven. & jude asked questions. he talked about caroline & grandmom cerny & how papa is with them in heaven now. we talked about how we would never see them (those we loved) on the earth again. we talked about things that they cannot fully comprehend yet. but jude is understanding pieces. & we prayed... jude prayed, "Jesus, i'm a kid, i'm just a kid & You love kids. make my heart clean." & i cried with gratitude to a gracious Lord that is revealing His gospel to little/dirty hearts. He's beginning to open jude's eyes to his need for a Savior. he's understanding slowly why Jesus had to come & die on the cross.

oh i'm so thankful for a Lord that reveals more of Himself moment by moment & day by day & year by year. we are learning more of His character, seeing more of His good gospel, we are being changed by who He is & who He's always been. our eyes haven't always seen Him the way we do now. & one day we will see Him fully & we will fall down & worship for all eternity. these moments & days & years are just small glimpses of what glory will be seen. today we are full of worship & gratefulness & maybe somedays we lose sight of the gospel, but one day soon it will be all we see. oh He's good!!! come Lord Jesus!

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Faith Ann said...

That is all a parent could want and pray for! Kids are smart and soak everything up, teaching them about our Savior now is so important! You're post made me happy and thankful that there are still parents who still teach their kids about Jesus. :)

allison barker said...

thanks faith!

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