April 10, 2013

new york

my dear dear amazing husband sent me on a trip to brooklyn, new york to spend time with my older sister (who lives in brooklyn), my younger brother & my younger sister. i adored every second of my time with them! it is good for mommies to get a short break every now & then... even if just for an hour to run to the grocery store alone. ;) we flew to baltimore & then took a train into new york. that was a fun/new adventure! thank you husband!!!
philly from the train.
manhattan from the train.
i adore these three more than i can put into words. i am often burdened for them & miss them greatly! so crazy to think just a few years ago we were all kids. we have been through much & i rejoice that these three are the ones the Lord chose for me to walk this road with. grateful for new memories we made & good talks we had. i love you brandy, nick & shannon!


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Really really stunning photos!! I've never been to NYC, but goodness I would love to go. A photog's dream!

Rachel Barker said...

wow!! great photos al!! i absolutely love them!!

Rachel said...

Awesome photos! What an awesome trip :)

allison barker said...

thanks friends!!!!

Judy Beltrez said...

great pictures! love the city how you captured it.

bandofbrothers said...

you have a great eye for pictures! make them bigger so i can admire them even more;)

sorry if i sound bossy. i just like your pics.

allison barker said...

no, thanks for sharing that! i was actually thinking my pictures weren't big enough. :) u encouraged me to go ahead & make them bigger. thanks!

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