April 9, 2013

all we see


isn't it so hard to see how the Lord has changed us & sanctified us? all we usually see are our faults & we don't realize how much we've grown. i'll give u a small example... i've been so worried that i'm not doing a good job with teaching the boys. like teaching jude his ABCs... so i worried & worried about it. we've worked on it a lot & then just recently he started pointing our letters, telling me what they were & telling me their sound. i told him how excited i was & how he's doing such a good job, but then my next thought was, "man i've been slacking. i've got to do a better job at teaching him so he learns all of his letters. then we have to start on reading." instead of just rejoicing in how the Lord has used me & the progress we've made. now this is a super small example compared to the victories over sin & failings that we go through on a regular basis. we don't rejoice in what He's doing in us, we just move on with life like we never struggled with "that sin" in the first place. our Savior is due praise for how gracious He is to sanctify us! & we need to give ourselves a little credit too. all we can see is our faults & how things aren't "the way we want them to be." but just as we teach our children & help them learn all they need to know... we don't expect them to act like an adult in the first years of life. we don't expect them to be perfected in anything really when they're little. so our Father is with us... He's patient & He teaches us over & over. thank You Lord for not giving up on us. give us grace for ourselves & may we rejoice in Your amazing work in us.
what a beautiful journey of grace.


sarah j. said...

yes, we need to praise Him more for the things He does in our lives! yet being careful to safeguard our hearts from pride and arrogance. let us be more like the authors of Psalms who recall all the things God has done, both in their personal lives, for the nations and in the world (creation and holding together the universe). an attitude of praise to God will only result in seeing more and more the ways that He grows us and works in our lives! :)

Deanne Marie said...

What a sweet post. Thank you for being so open and honest with it.

allison barker said...

for sure sarah. i think i was coming from the perspective of how we can be so hard on ourselves & not give ourselves & the Lord enough credit. this is my tendency at least. we definitely need to keep a healthy balance. thanks for your words.

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