March 12, 2013

those days

oh those days that feel like they'll never end! we're just doing well to get food in hungry bellies & clothes on little naked bodies. yesterday i felt like i accomplished absolutely nothing! i felt like i lacked very much in caring for my little ones' souls, let alone mine. at the end of the day dinner was super late, the house was a mess, laundry was halfway done & i had napped while they napped. i felt like the day was wasted. my husband reminded me of the good good gracious mercy of our Father that is new every morning! & i was reminded that He gives us enough mercy for one day at a time... just enough to handle those 24 hours, not mercy for the whole year. and we look at a "bad day" like our lives will always be miserable & failing. but when i awoke this morning... yesterday was yesterday & today had new mercies from my loving Lord! 

thank You Father! oh You're good to us!
His love is rich & full of forgiveness & grace!
let us have grace for ourselves!


Jennifer said...

such a true and good word to hear :o)

allison barker said...


britney said...

So good friend!!!!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

You write beautifully and honestly. Being a mum to several little ones is amazing but also very challenging. Yes, His love and mercies are new every morning, a beautiful image of God's grace.

allison barker said...

thanks thanks!

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