March 6, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (He doesn't give up)

as jude & i work on learning his letters (& really anything i teach the boys) if he isn't learning it right away or as fast as i'd like. he's struggling with it & he forgets what he's learned & i get frustrated & i want him to learn it the first time, but it doesn't work like that. we have to work at it over & over & over & over again! children learn by repetition & by someone sitting with them & showing them "how". 

so it is with us... our Father GRACIOUSLY teaches us of our sin, our desperate need for Him & His goodness over & over & over & over again. He is never angry or impatient with us. He simply picks us back up & shows us His gospel again. we need Him & can do no good apart from Him. it is His sustaining grace that allows us to not sin & pursue righteousness. 

learning the alphabet is... learning the letters & what they looks like, what sounds they make & then we start putting words together & then eventually we can read books. 

everything we learn is built on something else the Lord has taught us & He stays with us through every step. teaching us & perfecting us. how kind of our God to not just leave us to ourselves. He knows us & never leaves us! He sits with us & works with us until we can move on to the next step. He doesn't sit huffing & puffing & rolling His eyes that we can't get this right. 
our God is gracious!!!!

i rely on the grace of my Father to be patient & steadfast with the boys... & when i'm not i'm simply showing them that mommy needs a Savior too!

read brit's post.


constanze linnea - postcard to the old bird said...


do you know this page?


allison barker said...

i hadn't heard of that! thank u!!

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