March 28, 2013

"the gospel in her home" (the gospel revealed)

i grew up in a Christian home. i've known the Lord since i was about 9. i know i've known the Lord all these years, i know i'm chosen, but most of my walk with the Lord has been based on people pleasing/fear of man/works righteousness. most of my serving the Lord was because i wanted to please Him & do things well. i know these 20 years have been a journey & praise the Lord He is not through with me! but there is something about raising & instructing little ones that makes you understand the gospel more! pretty much all day long we talk about the gospel with these 3 cute ones... when we wakeup we read a Bible story together. when they're disciplined we tell them about sin & redemption & forgiveness & we tell them how much they need Jesus. we memorize scripture & catechisms with them. & before bed we read a Bible story again. & in our teaching their hearts... my heart is seeing the story unfold. it's becoming clearer & i'm finding delight in what He's done for us!!!! & i'm wanting to read His Word because i desire it & the story of His good good gospel is making sense. for YEARS i felt awful if i "failed" at my quiet times & felt like i was failing God & failing as a believer. oh but He's not angry, He just wants us to know Him! praise the Lord He doesn't give up on us! He never will! & i'm learning SOOOO much by being a mommy & teacher of our little ones & i want them to know i'm not at all perfect... just a fellow sojourn on this walk (with maybe a little more wisdom) that fails & needs His grace.

thank You gracious & good Lord for revelation through the simple & everyday tasks of being "mommy". may we faithfully raise our boys to know that they NEED You & You are pleased with them & love them regardless of "how well" they do. You are not disappointed, You just want them! keep us from teaching them works righteousness. be honored in our humble, imperfect parenting & home. we need You desperately!


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