March 20, 2013

lately grams

um wow it's been a few weeks... so enjoy a lot of pictures.
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1) tower building. he's super into building stuff now! & he's super good at it! 2) my 3 littles are loving crafts lately... watercolors, crayons, markers, stickers, etc. 3) grandmom came for a visit!!! 4) i got to go on a date with my guy! 5) chalk & bikes on a cold day... we're dying to get outside more! 6) old navy shopping by myself one night! yes! 7) dinner. 8) daddy & sammy cuddling after nap time. 9) crazy faces. amos was on "guy night" with daddy. 10) STOP IT!!!! STOP GROWING & STOP BEING SO CUTE!!! 11) rainy day. 12) waffles with our sweet sweet friends the smiths. 13) jude's buddy cecily. 14) i got to see my dad & his wife robin this week. :) 15) finished their tumbling classes & they all got ribbons. that is sammy's embarrassed face. 16) & this is his "cheeeeessseeee" face.
funny/favorite/current things...
*my soul/spirit feels soooo refreshed from time with dear friends in memphis! we miss those faces!
*MY SISTER LIVES IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!! it's like vacation all day long because i get to see her multiple times a day. ;)
*jude... "that's a good idea mommy!" when i give him maybe a different idea than the one he had, or i'm just telling him what we're about to do. ;)
*so jude went poo in the potty & then while he was pulling his pants up he said, "that smells horr-ble!" LOL!!!
*sammy's vocabulary is EXPLODING! who is this little boy?! he's growing up way too fast!!! he'll run up to me & hug me & say, "love you too mommy!"
*when i'm trying to help sammy with something & he wants to do it on his own he'll pull away & say, "no, me big boy."
*amos says things the way sammy does... we know who he learns from the most. ;) when he can't figure something out he'll say, "know how to!!!" like he doesn't know how to. ;)

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Judy Beltrez said...

beautiful pics as always! :)
Glad you're coming to the city that never sleeps. Have fun!
(NYC girl here)

allison barker said...


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