March 5, 2013

informed by the gospel

our lives should always, in everything, be informed by the gospel. 

there are so many things in our lives that pull us away from our Father's good good gospel & push us deeper into this world of worshipping ourselves & our sin. we NEED HIM! we HAVE to rely on Him & desire Him above all else! He is worth far more than anything other than Him! so many people we set in front of ourselves as "informers & teachers of what is of value" are living lives that are a complete contradiction to the gospel. they value comfort & "fitting in" & looking like the world. 
how should we look different? how do we apply the gospel & let it inform us in EVERYTHING?! every situation, every moment of everyday... how do we teach our kids this? how do we teach them the gospel all day, all week long, their whole lives? 

how does the gospel change us & become THE MOST important thing to us?! so much that we're willing to put aside other "teachers" that don't teach us this beautiful truth?? 

who is informing us? is it our instagram feed, our twitter, our facebook, the blogs we read?

i challenge us to "clean up" our list of "informers". delete feeds/tweets/statues/blogs that aren't teaching us the gospel. & let's not become legalistic about it... because there are things that can still teach us the gospel. simply by seeing the beauty of His creation in photography, hearing melodies that He designed or being in awe of the gifts & talents He's given so many. 

what are your thoughts on all this?? how do we let the gospel inform us always?

(some of these thoughts are from our pastor's sermon on sunday. you can listen to it or watch it here.) 

stop back by tomorrow for "the gospel in her home".


Loris S. said...

I'm still catching up with my blog reading & I am so glad you are one of my "informers" ;) You are such an encouragement. Praise the Lord for His work in you! I've heard CJ Mahaney preach at Resolved Conference a few times & he is absolutely wonderful. What a kind, godly man.

I would love to get to know your story more! My fiance is currently in seminary (the master's seminary in CA) & I am praying that the Lord will give me grace as He molds me into a godly woman, and now a godly wife. Let's email! ;)

allison barker said...

that would be great!!! afterhissmile (at) gmail (dot) come said...

I see your point with cleaning things up and only reading things that will encourage your faith and edify your soul more with God's goodness. I think the reason why I try to read other people's blogs as well who are not believers, is simply to connect with them and sine a light and interest them towards God, because most of my readers ARE unbelievers and they respect me and seem drawn to learning more about how God has transformed my own life that it helps them want that in their life and is a seed planted into their hearts. I get a lot of emails from people asking for advice who are unbelievers, so I think reading their own blog to get to know them in how to help them, is important. At the same time I love communing with other believers and I adore that soooo much. It is so great.

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