March 30, 2013

amos turns 2 today!!!

photo copy 23
oh that face! happy birthday to our amos benjamin!!! he turns 2 today & we are sooooooo grateful to the Lord for putting him in our family! we adore this crazy/silly/funny/goofy/loud/feisty/sweet/loving/compassionate little boy & we are soooo happy to celebrate your first birthday in the barker family (although we're pretty sure you turned 2 a few months ago, because you're already bigger than your 2 1/2 year old brother. ;) ) a year ago the barker family only had 4 members & we were preparing to fly to uganda to get our amos. praise the Lord for His goodness & faithfulness to our family!


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Hey Allison!

Found you today through Kate's photog challenge email...and goodness, your pictures are stunning! Gah I can't even get over it!
Happy birthday to your adorable son! Adoption is very dear to my heart, as four of my nieces and nephews are adopted and it's really something amazing. Hard, but so so good. Your family is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Andrea xo

sarah j. said...

praise the Lord for your blessings! said...

THat's so great! I hope he has a spectacular birthday!! 2 is wonderful!

allison barker said...

thank u thank u andrea... i feel the same about your pictures!!! super great!

thanks friends! he's pretty great!

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