February 20, 2013

tiny detours, empowerment, & a blessing (guest post)

my dear dear friend, emma, agreed to share some wisdom filled words with us. this woman... i have so much respect for her & i rejoice that we get to learn from what the Lord has taught her! :) read more from her here.


In the midst of the constant barrage of tears, tantrums, discipline, unending questions, surges of hormones, the lack of adult interaction and sleeplessness, I find myself swirling in a tornado of emotions and feelings that are so strong I can barely keep my footings.

On any given day I can experience emotions of heightened joy and laughter and 5 minutes later sadness and doubt about my calling as a mother. So how does a god-fearing mother live her life according to her emotions?? SHE DOESN'T!!
As Christian mothers are called to live our everyday lives by the truth found in the Word of God and our faith in Him. You can look at our emotions as tiny detours and distractions trying to take us off course. We cannot rely on them! We need to feel them, and recognize their presence in our lives but not allow them to dictate our responses to our children or to the Lord.  I realize that this is easier said than done!:)

Begin to practice living a life of faith everyday. Read the word, Believe it and Live it! Relying on the grace of God, which is His supernatural empowerment, I can do ALL things through Christ. I now look at my emotional ups and downs as blessings because through them I am being sanctified to become more like the Lord and the mother I was created to be. My little ones daily witness my constant surrender to the Father as I ask for His forgiveness and theirs.:) We are not called to be PERFECT mothers we are called to be mothers who are perfected through the grace and mercy of our Lord.
May you be blessed today, may you recieve a fresh impartation of grace and mercy. May peace and rest be yours today as your press against the swift current of your emotions. And May the joy of the Lord be your strength!!

Emma Wilson and her husband Jim reside in Northern Ontario Canada. They currently have 3 little ones: Judah (5), Mercy(3) and Atirah(1). Emma is a full-time mommy and homemaker. Through motherhood the Lord has taken her on a journey of surrendering everything to Him. She regulary blogs about her experiences and challenges on her blog. Check it out at: www.simplybeautifullife.wordpress.com


sarah j. said...

such a good reminder. as women, we have so many emotions to do battle with every day. i've always been an emotional one, and for years i've clung to Ps 57:7 "My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast..." knowing that i need to keep my heart (i.e. emotions) grounded on the Rock of my Salvation! i always run to that verse (and others) when i'm having an especially moody day.

allison barker said...

good Word!

Cait said...

Thank you Allison and Emma, this was so encouraging! I have struggled so much in the past year (also being a new mommy) with finding joy, being constantly shaken and anxious and frustrated. I'm only just starting to come out of that and God is so patient and good. I can't expect any more than that if I am not in His Word and looking to Christ - not something else or my own goodness; just to Christ!

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