February 14, 2013

love that grows!

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hi friends,
just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you following along in our adventures, struggles, tears & laughter! if you're new or you've been around for awhile we appreciate you! please feel free to join in on commenting on posts & sharing with friends that would enjoy reading as well. we'd LOVE to be able to grow our blog so we can use any money we make to go toward our adoption!!! 
here's how you can help... share my blog link on ANY social media & keep reading & sharing your thoughts! we soooo enjoy your gracious & kind words & we rejoice that the Lord is being glorified through this little blog. above anything else may He be honored & get more fame! anyone interested in sponsoring now to help us bring our baby girl home?!

we have exciting new features & gospel centered community coming up in the next couple weeks. stick around & know you're not alone in the sanctifying joys of being a wife/mommy/sister/daughter! please feel free to tell us what you're going through & what the Lord is teaching you! share your blog link below... let's get to know each other better. :)

thanks! happy valentine's day!


Gretchen Haselden said...

I cannot thank you enough for writing so openly & honestly about your trials and struggles...seriously! It is such a breath of fresh air & gives so much hope and freedom. As a SAHM of 2 under 3 I am constantly going through many of the same things you talk about and I am always pointed back the Lord at just the right time! :) thanks so much!


Marisha said...

I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I am so glad I did. Your love for Christ shines so brightly in what you write and it is a joy to read about what God is teaching you! I think that sometimes people are silent on blogs because they wonder if they are welcome in that space or not. I have felt that myself sometimes. So I do appreciate your welcoming words. ;) My husband and I trusted in Christ when our oldest daughter was four. She is now seventeen. We have seven children, five girls and two boys. We are waiting for God's timing as we look for a place to serve him as pastor (and family). Much of what you write resonates with me as I am also growing in his grace through the things I experience every day in my home. He is using it all to mold and shape me and to glorify himself. Many blessings to you and thanking God for the richness of your faith. :)
Here is my latest post, a love letter to my husband: http://by-his-grace.blogspot.com/2013/02/even-after-all-ups-and-downs-i-love-you.html

constanze linnea - postcard to the old bird said...


you know that i love your blog - i am just writing an own post for my blog about your blog ;) so people will read and follow after his smile...
can i use one photo of your blog? maybe the family pic?


allison barker said...

thank you ladies! it is soooo good to have fellow laborers reading along & sharing in life. :) thanks for being here!

constanze... of course you can use a picture! THANK U! should i email u one so it's better quality??

constanze linnea - postcard to the old bird said...


did it! :)



Olive said...

Hello Al. (:

I am encouraged by your posts, especially about adoption. I blog at http://lifeslittleolivemoments.blogspot.com

allison barker said...

thanks olive!

sarah j. said...

hi, i just started following your blog recently. it's wonderful to read how you lean on the Lord in the trials that you and your family go through. it's been very encouraging to me.
my husband and i have 2 little boys and are just starting our journey of expanding our family though adoption. i'm ecstatic and terrified at the same time.
i blog at snickjake.blogspot.com
thanks for sharing!

allison barker said...

thanks sarah!

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