February 8, 2013

lately grams

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1) this boy is learning to enjoy looking at books. still have to watch him... he can be pretty rough with them. we keep board books around for him. ;) 2) window. 3) sammy boy feet. 4) just talkin on the phone. 5) reading spot while the littles are napping. 6) homemade honey sweetened soy/coconut milk hot cocoa. mmmmmm! 7) doors open on a nice 60 degree day! 8) jude's little house in the backyard... he had a vegetable garden right next to his house. :) i used to do this all the time when i was younger. my brother, sister & i had a whole city we made in the woods on our farm. good memories!
funny/favorite/current things...
*mike's sister & her husband are coming to visit this weekend!!! we love them!
*soooooo excited for warmer weather! we were out in our backyard yesterday, because it was 60 degrees, & i cannot wait to be out there with the boys almost everyday. learning & playing & maybe growing some vegetables. ;)
*i'm so excited about ideas the Father has given me for "learning/character/imagination & wonder building" stuff for the boys!!!
*jude has the greatest imagination. he comes up with the funniest names for toys. he can play on the floor with his toys in his own imaginary world for hours, if his brothers don't try to mess "his world" up. ;)
*amos is learning all day long. he follows his brothers & wants to do whatever they're doing! it's good to have them so close in age for amos's sake. 
*i am beyond proud of my smart smart husband!!!! he's such a good student & he's doing so well in seminary. i need to be faithful to pray for him more as he has A LOT on him. he wants so much to do it all well... including being a husband & daddy. :) love u michael sammy!

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