February 4, 2013

lately grams

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1) my man bought me some tulips (one of my favorite flowers) & made us gluten-free berry muffins. 2) popcorn snack & movie time. 3) ahhhh time alone! praise the Lord for a man who takes care of my emotional needs! every monday he gives me a few hours away... ALONE!!! 4) this is my FAVORITE spot in the house! 5) the 2 youngest playing at daddy's school while we waited for big brother to be done with his motor skills class. 6) popcorn is a favorite snack around our house... mainly because it's super cheap (we're on a tight budget) & it's easy & quick! & the boys are really liking this Bible from their grandpam & uncle carl. it's sooo gospel centered & easy to understand! 7) leftovers for lunch! we REALLY like eating leftovers because it feels like a "free" meal. ;) 8) amos boy was too busy to eat his fill at breakfast so he climbed back up to finish his waffle an hour later. :)
funny/favorite/current things...
*i'm soooo enjoying how my photography is progressing! i'm super grateful for the chance to learn from kristin rogers, but i'm super sad the class is over!
*i'm using this dvd to workout during these winter months & i'm loving the results!!
*i was in the kitchen the other day & i heard the boys in the playroom... sammy was getting frustrated with a toy & started fussing. he decided to figure it out. he fixed it & jude said, "good job sammy!" jude is great with the littles!
*amos calls jude "jude" & sammy "bubba" & the other day he was calling sammy, & sammy looked at me & said, "me sammy, not bubba." ;)
*mike & i have come up with a good weekly routine for me to get one on one time with jude & then the 2 little boys. i'm using this book to work on motor skills with them appropriate for their ages. & then we do some creative crafts & work on learning letters & numbers. jude is eating it up!

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Deanne Marie said...

you have such a fun sense of picture taking! :)


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