February 6, 2013

adoption & the gospel pt 9

as time goes by amos is feeling more & more like he's always been with our family. like he's just one of us, always has been, always will be. & it is sooooooo good!!! in april i would've said "i'm not sure it'll ever happen." but attachment is happening & i'm loving him more & better & being consistent, by the grace of God. as our family's bond grows more i want to remember where we were just a year ago... we were still just a family of 4 & our amos was waiting in the orphanage alone & had no idea there were 4 barkers who couldn't wait to welcome him into their family. & we've been through MUCH! but by the grace of God we are moving on & things are get easier & lighter everyday & his fits aren't as crazy & he has learned to calm himself down when he's upset & i'm not as quick to anger with him when he's being unreasonable & his big brothers see him as one of them & he seems like he just fits & feels safe. hallelujah!!!!! to God be the glory! what looked hopeless & unattainable just a few months ago is easier & joyful & becoming whole! He restores the brokenhearted & he does not leave us as orphans. 

so it is with us... while we shouldn't hold on & cling to what we were before Christ saved us... we should often remember where we were before Him. we were lost & without hope. He came & rescued us when we weren't sure if anyone ever would. but He did! & it was hard... we weren't sure we wanted to be loved, we had been alone & handled things on our own for so long. & it took time, but we are becoming & looking more & more like we fit in His family. we run to Him first. we can calm down & realize when we are upset that He won't abandon us. He will never leave us or forsake us. the fact that we're His is becoming a part of who we are & we look back on the orphan we once were & all we can do is rejoice!!! for He makes ALL THINGS NEW!

& where would we be apart from Him? we would have nothing! we would be destined for death & separation from Him! but He came & called us His & we have been given LIFE!

oh dear friends, please listen to/watch this sermon.

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sarah {on the brightside...} said...

"He does not leave us orphans." I just love that!!! :) Adoption is such a beautiful thing in a Christian's life!!

allison barker said...

it's soooo beautiful! & so God honoring!

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