January 26, 2013

lately grams

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1) self. 2) this boy amazes me everyday. he's growing so well! 3) crazy kissey face. 4) no big deal.. sammy just drove us around for the day (without using his feet to push the gas & brake). 5) sammy was out & i was trying to keep amos up so at least 2 of them could eat lunch before nap. ;) 6) 1 cent pony ride. 7) playing with grandmom in michigan. 8) ooooooooo this book!!!!!!! mike has already made us snicker doodles & oatmeal cookies!!!!! mmmm! 9) this is what my husband's life will be full of over the next 3 months! 10) mommies... READ THIS BOOK!! i really really enjoyed her other book so i knew i'd like "fit to burst". & i do!!! i've only read ch 1 & it's super good! 11) these little ones had just woken up from nap & they were cuddling in mommy's bed, eating a snack & listening to this. isn't that amazing?? free audio books!!! & really good ones at that! i also downloaded kipling & mother goose. :) 12) this big boy picked up a piece of calk & drew a "B" without any instruction. i'm soooo proud of him!!!! 13) dinner prep. 14) happiest window in our house!
funny/favorite/current things...
*last night during our family worship, mike was reading the story of the last supper from the Jesus storybook bible & jude spoke up & said, "it's just like at church when everyone eats bread!!" oh my goodness this boy! he's so smart & observant & it is good for our mommy & daddy hearts to see him learning. he sits with us during church on sunday mornings & during every sermon he'll hear something he remembers us reading or talking about & he'll tell us what he heard. they do listen at this age... we need to be careful what we say. ;)
*it's crazy how fast little siblings pick up things just because they watch their older siblings. sammy is doing so well with his colors & knows most of the ABC song. :)
*amos likes singing the melody to the ABC song, but most of the "letters" are just gibberish. ;)
*we are just about ready to finalize our adoption of amos!!!!!!
*my goodness i fall in love with my husband more all the time! THANK YOU GRACIOUS & GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
*mike starts seminary classes this next week! we went to his orientation yesterday... pray for us! he's taking 5 classes & i've been spoiled having him around. 
*thinking about going to spend some time with my sisters in nyc in the spring! mmm!

happy weekending!

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justicepirate.com said...

I commented on your flickr picture. I really love the books. I adore reading about missionaries (my uncle was a martyr in Bogota, Columbia, SA) and want to be a missionary, so to see all the mission books and such are SO great!

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