January 13, 2013

lately grams

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1) we're REALLY REALLY liking louisville!!! such a great city with plenty of things to do & explore! 2) date night dinner at decca. seriously, one of the best meals i've ever eaten!!! 3) sweet boys playing. 4) i love the 3 little heads that rest here. 5) sweet amos had no idea what was about to happen... 3 shots. :-/ 6) snack time. 7) popcorn snackin & meal plannin. 8) breakfast for my handsome man before he leaves for school. 9) spinach salads for lunch... pretty much everyday. 10) cute 4 year old boy. 11) grumpy after his nap, but cute picture. ;) 12) dresser & other things. 13) took this boy bowling for our date night. he LOVED IT & beat me both games!!!!! 14) southern seminary is beautiful!!! & another reason we like louisville. ;) 15) this boy. 16) curried cabbage & peas & tempeh for dinner. mmm.
funny/favorite/current things...
*when jude wants to whisper something or just say something smart he pretty much always says... "6, 9, 10, 11, 4". don't ask me why. haha!
*jude is getting better & better at taking care of his little brothers. he's rarely the one that starts a fight anymore. 
*sammy, sammy, sammy... this little boy's voice is so raspy & cute that he could say anything & it would be crazy adorable. 
*sammy, LOVES being organized. when he cleans up... he picks up one toy at a time & puts it away.
*amos is our musician!!!! oh my goodness we need to get this boy into a music class. anything he has in his hand turns into an instrument. he's always humming something or keeping the beat on something.  & he always wants to play his guitar. his favorite song is "i will wait" by mumford & sons. ha!!! he asks me to play it ALL THE TIME!
*i REALLY want to read this book & this book & this book!!!! thanks for introducing me brit!
*we have been richly blessed to find & start attending sovereign grace!
*i'm going crazy enjoying "the inspired home" photography class! my amazing husband registered me as a Christmas gift! 


bird and tree said...

so precious! .... even though I follow you on ig... I still love to see them on your blog! You have a beautiful family!

Très bien said...

Love the pics!! We are in Frankfort and know of Sovereign Grace Church! So wonderful you are plugged in there. We have a few friends who attend! Welcome to KY!

melissa stover said...

what a beautiful space! i love the photo collage up there. did you deign that?
i also love the curly separators between blog posts. so sweet.

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