January 4, 2013

lately grams

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1) dinner cookin. 2) green tea from my sis for Christmas. 3)-4) finally getting pictures up on the walls. :) 5) to church we go... with these CUTE boys. 6) sitting with mommy while i cook. 7) ahhhh my heart!!! ahhhh the cuteness!!! 8) my husband made vegan queso for new years eve... wow i felt awful the next day, but it was so worth it! ;) 9) best dance party on nye!!! 10) new years day dinner... black bean salsa, kale, black eyed peas, onion rings & black bean burgers! 11) cutest tea cup from my sis. 12) ready for an adventure... sword, hat & a jug of soymilk.
funny/favorite/current things...
*when it's time for jude to go to sleep he says, "but my eyes are not sleepy, my tongue is not sleepy, my hands are not sleepy, my belly is not sleepy." ha. good excuses.
*sammy always points to my hair & says, "hair lot". reminding me that i have a lot of hair. ;) he's also into pointing to everyone in the family & telling us what color eyes we have. ;)
*amos LOVES to comb hair, play with dried rice & color. this boy needs sensory activities on a regular basis. 
*super excited to enroll jude in a motor skill class at southern seminary. 
*the boys are excited to start tumbling classes in a week!
*i'm starting to find a good routine in the mornings with the boys for Bible lesson, memory verses, "school"/craft & structured play. PRAISE THE LORD FOR ROUTINE!!!
*spouses & dependents or seminary students get unlimited use of the school's rec center!!!!!!!! gonna work it out! ;)

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