January 8, 2013

his anxious heart

this little boy tends to worry pretty easily. our family has been through A LOT of change in the last year... it's understandable. just a couple weeks ago he went through a phase where he was biting his nails non stop... so bad that his fingers were bleeding. we're learning that we have to communicate with him about everything. a week ago at bedtime we started talking through our day & what we have planned for the next. i think this has helped his sweet little nervous heart. we also started giving him a stuffed animal to take to bed with him.

i'm learning... he, more than the other 2, needs me to stop what i'm doing when he's wanting to talk to me. if he asks me to lay in bed with him at nap or bedtime i need to do it. routine is so so important to him... just like his mommy. the other night we were getting them to bed too late so we weren't going to read the Bible with them & do their normal bedtime routine... he freaked out. he likes to know "why" we're doing something & what he can expect. 

Lord, give us grace as Jude's mommy & daddy. give us wisdom & direction. give him Your peace & comfort & use this to draw him to Yourself. 

he doesn't bite his nails anymore. ;)


Lovelyn Palm said...

this is my first visit. your family and thoughts here are lovely. i've found that some of our kids are like this and NEED routine very much, too. even when we think it's fun to do something outside of it--sometimes it's just not worth it for their little hearts--especially if we've had several breaks from the routine that week.
[we have a jude, too. one of my very favorite names.] =)

justicepirate.com said...

My oldest is like that. This is really wonderful that you are taking time out like that for him.

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