January 7, 2013

guest post on adoption

my friend katie from kateandkuby has a heart for adoption & she & her husband plan to start the process soon. i asked her to write a little bit about what the Lord has showed them. thanks for writing katie!

So when Allison asked me to write a post about adoption, I felt a little unqualified. After all, my husband and I haven't even gone through the adoption process yet. We had planned to start it last year. We started 2012 by going to an adoption conference in February. Hilariously and ironically, the second day of the conference, we found out I was pregnant with our little boy.
this pic may not be relevant. but it's my little canaan. and I mean, what's a kate&kuby post without a pic of him??

Funny, the Lords timing. We knew that we still wanted to adopt after Canaan. We hope (Lord willing) to start that process this year. If we don't, I may loose my mind. For realz.

I seriously struggled with what I wanted to share today. Like I wrote three posts and then deleted them. Can we say indecisive? I blame Allison. I've been so encouraged through Al's posts. I wasn't sure what I could add that you might not have already read from her incredible "adoption and the gospel" series.

I wrote down a list of what I've learned about adoption since perusing it last year. Then I realized that I was basically plagiarizing my favorite books.  So to spare me from jail, I will just tell you what books you DEFINITELY need to read.

First up, Orphanology. This book was written by Tony Merida and Rick Morton. I've had the chance to meet Tony  in person several times through my husbands job. Super nice guy. He pastors at Imago Dei. Read this book. Keep a tissue handy. It's a tear jerker at some points.

Second book, Adopted for Life by Dr. Russell Moore. Easily one of the nicest men ever. Same thing as Merida, I've met him numerous times through my husband. With both men, I just smiled politely all while trying not to pee my pants. Husband makes fun of me.
Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches

Ive always had a heart for adoption. Its something that always just made sense to me. Why wouldn't I adopt? The Creator of the world thought it quite swell to adopt me as His own. Why wouldn't I do the same? The best way to reflect Christ to a lost and dying world is to be as much like Him as possible. Not to mention he commands us to take care of the widows and orphans more than any other. 

Those two books completely rocked my world and view of adoption. They are super easy reads, and I promise you will LOVE them. I just can't do those two books justice by paraphrasing what they say. You MUST read them. Must. 

 hoping this time next year, or shortly after, there will be a second little fellow added to this picture:)

Thanks Allison for letting my stop by your corner of the web! I'd love to meet some of you "After His Smile" readers! I blog just about anything- little boy, husband, the Lord, crafts, recipes, seriously.. anything. Come on over! I'd love to meet you! 

Thanks again Allison!! Please keep the "Adoption and the Gospel" series going! I love each and every post!

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