December 28, 2012

russian orphans

i just heard today that russia has put a ban on russian adoptions by american families. this is so so sad!!! watch a video about it here, & you can read about it here. it's really just all politics, and there are thousands of children in russia right now that will be waiting for mommies & daddies for years to come.  they may end up on the streets of russia because they grew out of the orphanage. there are not enough willing russian families to adopt them all. we need to pray for these sweet babies & the children that have already met their adoptive families, but cannot go home with them because of this ban. 

it's so good to remember that our God is sovereign over all things! 
"He sets up kings" (daniel 2:21) & He is over all. 

i pray that those of you & others that felt strongly to adopt from russia & maybe already started the process will not give in to despair & will maybe look into adopting from another country. we don't understand His ways, but we know that He is good. even though this "door" has closed for the time being there are still millions of babies around the world that need mommies & daddies. & we know that He will not abandon the sweet ones in russia. He is near the brokenhearted, the lonely, the fatherless, the fearful one & He will comfort them with an everlasting peace.
He will come to them.

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."
john 14:18

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I think my biggest concern ALWAYS about orphanages in general is that once many of the kids turn about 16 in a lot of them around the world, they become a target for traffickers to put them into sexual exploitation, and Russia has once of the worst targeted orphanage areas for such things. It saddens my heart that there won't be a way out for many of those orphans now with this ban that happened. I know 2 people who were adopted from Russia, one is a high school friend and another is my mom's first cousin whom I love. I can't imagine life without them.

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