December 13, 2012

making him ours

we met with our social worker a few days ago to work on finalizing our adoption of amos. we've been so busy with life that i haven't thought about adoption & what we went through/are going through with amos. some friends who also adopted from uganda (& from the same babies home amos was at) put together an amazing video about their journey of adoption. please watch & enjoy & let the Lord lead you in how you can be a part of caring for orphans!
(make the video full screen before watching)

laura said it so well... "adoption isn't easy, but as Christians i don't think we're called to do just what's easy in life. as believers He's called us to adopt & care for the orphan."

the adoption community is rich & it blesses us greatly to be a part of this group of fellow believers who have said, "yes" to this calling. we have made some dear dear friends through our journey & we rejoice that the Lord continues to bring people into our lives & opportunities to share the gospel because of our amos being in our family. 
(fun times this summer with our friends the downings that we met while we were in uganda. their youngest was napping during this picture. baby moses, also from uganda.)

what a gift & a joy to be obedient to the Lord's calling. we have been greatly blessed through His sanctification of our sinful lives through amos being in our family. & our sweet sweet amos keeps us laughing. we cannot imagine him not being our son & brother. thank You Lord!

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kdrake8 said...

I fairly new to this blog, but I love reading about this adoption process! I'm a ways off from even thinking about children (not married yet), but the more I read this, the more I get excited about potentially adopting someday.

I don't know if you've ever heard of Walt Wangerin, but he has a book called "Ragman and other Short Stories" (amazing book!), in which he has a few letters to his adopted children. The one to his son Matthew on his confirmation day made me cry. I highly recommend it if you haven't already read it!

Ann said...

The topic of adoption is sensitive to me. I've always felt led in this direction but, my husband hasn't. I pray that if it's God's will we can be blessed too in giving a little one a home.

Enjoy Amos!

kate said...

I thought I recognized some of those babies! Sara is a friend of mind!! Such a small world:)

allison barker said...

thanks ladies!
ann- the Lord will lead your husband in His perfect timing. i believe it!
kate- that's so crazy! tell her "hi"!

Christa Briney said...

Ann- I'm testament that the Lord brings our spouses around in His timing. It took my husband years to start thinking about adoption with the same outlook as me. And we are now SO excited to start the process (hopefully) this year!! So just keep praying for your husbands heart on this matter! God hears you & he knows the desires of your heart! :)

Al- I would love to know why you say it's not easy to adopt. What aspects? :) Just want to know more fully about that!

Our family loves sweet Amos & we are so happy that God has chosen him to be apart of your family!

astr!d said...

i just watched the video and it is amazing! we are currently in the process to adopt. we are adopting locally- we are in arkansas. we want a boy under 4 and it can't come fast enough!!! we are so excited!! we want to share our family with a small child who doesn't have that. we are called to care for the orphaned!

allison barker said...

that is sooo great aster!d!

christa, read my "the gospel & adoption" series. :) i'd love to talk with you more about our challenges with amos. also, "the connected child" by dr. karyn purvis is a book you must read!!!

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