December 29, 2012

lately grams

wow it's been way way way way WAY too long since i've done lately grams!! 
so here i go to solve that problem! :)
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1) the fellas playing some football. 2) my sweet jude boy with his toy camera. he takes pictures of everything now! the other day he stood up on his chair to take a picture of his food. he said, "i take pit-cher of my food like you do mommy." 3) my beautiful sister & her fiancé, emanuel. could not love them more!!!! 4) amos & his uncle nick... favorite! 5) my handsome guy & myself on Christmas. 6) eating up some vegan pumpkin pie! 7) the boys. 8) one of my presents for my guy. it's hard to read it, but it says, "oh darling, let's be forever & ever." i love that man! 9) he's pretty great at giving gifts!!!! book of my blog from 2011, kinfolk volume 6 & registration for this amazing class!!!!!!!! he knows me sooooo well!!
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude is so observant. he's notices the smallest things that most kids would never see. he's growing up way too fast. he's got to slow down. 
*sammy can pretty much say any word! & words he's not sure about he always tries to say. super cute! i LOVE the way he says his x's, sh's & s's. cute little chubby face.
*amos's words are exploding!!! he's saying a ton of stuff! & he is one big boy! he's already passed his older brother, sammy, in weight. he's gonna be huge!!!!
*we're going to enroll the boys in tumbling classes... they've got to get all this energy out during these cold months! & it'll be good exercise!
*i cannot wait to have my sister & her fiancé visit us next week!!!! & even more i cannot wait to have her live with us for a few months & help plan her wedding!!!! i'm freaking out just a little bit! 
*we've just gotten super serious about our budget & i'm loving it!!!!!! i like so much that i know exactly how much i have to spend on everything instead of just feeling bad for spending anything at all without a budget.
*i feel at home in this sweet little white house & it feels good. 
*my guy starts seminary classes at the end of this month & i'm so happy for him. i know he's going to enjoy it so much & gain so much wisdom!


margaret said...

can I ask what budgeting method you are using? I'm trying to get super serious about ours too and exploring different methods...would be so helpful to get others' feedback!!

Our Green Nest said...

Love them all...that class of Kristin's looks so awesome!!! Can't wait to hear what you thought of it!!

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