December 11, 2012

a very merry Christmas from our new home!

& i'm FINALLY back! oh how i've missed blogging! our home is almost all settled! we need to paint a few walls & put a few pictures up... & the basement is a mess! but we're just about settled in our new/cozy/little house (home tour to follow). i really enjoy how "little" our house is. our home in memphis was too big for us & it's good to have the boys close. i think families should be close & not all spread out & separated from each other!
i have some fun things coming up on the blog in the next few weeks! look out for a giveaway, guest post, home tour & more! yay for blogging!!!!!!!
enjoy this season with family & friends & keep your family close!


Ann said...

I so agree with you mama! I would rather live in a smaller home any day. There's just something about a cozy house that brings the family together : )

isabel said...

i wish you all the luck with the last little things that have to be done in the new home!!!

allison barker said...

thank you friends! it's going well so far!

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