November 27, 2012

see you soon

we're in the middle of moving!!! here we go on another adventure! we're all quite excited! with all the packing boxes, moving & unpacking i won't have time for blogging (i haven't been as present for the past couple weeks for this reason).
i'll be back soon!!!

but for now... watch our little Christmas video from last year & get in the mood!
praise the Lord, He's come!



isabel said...

wish you all the luck with the move! i can imagine it isn't always easy with three little kids running around the house!


Ashley of Lovelock said...

Such a darling blog, and I love your adoption story. We are in the process of our 2nd adoption (5th kid!) xxoo

Ann said...

May your move goes as easy as possible. Our family moved three times this year. Thank the Lord we made through it ; )

Mrs. K said...

I'm interested in having you guest post on my blog. Could you email me.. I can't find your email address.

katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com

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