November 20, 2012

my boys, His grace

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oh mommies... read this blog post & be encouraged!

"if you're like me, you're painfully aware of the imperfect example you are to your children. but this is good, for it brings us back to the cross."

aren't there so many days when we are at our lowest? we don't "feel like" being mommy & every little thing sets us off. we may not even feel sorry or repentant in the moment of our sins toward our children/husband/friends. oh Lord may our hearts always be soft to realize our sin & repent before You & ask those we've sinned against to forgive us. 

it's so good for our children to know that we're not always right & perfect. we make mistakes... the same grace the Lord showers on us we need to in turn shower on our children. coming along side them as fellow sinners. we're not better than them & somehow justified in our sin towards them because we're adults. we are just as they are... desperately in need of our Savior! we NEED to apologize for our sin & show them that we want the Lord to change us! tell them how much we need the Lord to help us be "a good & loving mommy". 

an imperfect & repentant mommy points our children to the cross of Christ.


Jared Queue said...

The link wouldn't wrk for me al.

krysta said...

Your boys look funny! You have a beautiful family!

Our Green Nest said...

Oh man, how true. What a great reminder! TU as always!...P.S., your anniversary trip sounds DIVINE! :) HAPPY Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see what you make!

Jacki said...

Just so right on. Saying sorry is so very hard to my kids sometimes, and to add though the fact that it's sin and call it that. It's an accurate picture of God's work as parents. Girl Talk is so wonderful. They have a 5'oclock club there too, where you can just kinda in spirit join many other women who rise at 5 to be with God. It's worth it to check that out.

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