November 26, 2012

lately grams

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1) jude's (family) b'day party cake. there will be more celebrating closer to his b'day. :) 2) build your own pizza. my sweet sweet younger brother came to be with us for thanksgiving!!!! 3) sweet boy. he was so embarrassed as we sang to him. 4) thanksgiving table set. 5) vegan thanksgiving. 6) cute boys chowing down. 7) baby rowan & mommy having a chat. 8) baby rowan. sooo chubby & cute! 9) playing some cards on thanksgiving. 10) football in the front yard. 11) watching the snow with uncle nick! 12) jude thinks uncle nick is so great... so do his brothers! 13) first time to the movies as a family of 5! amos usually doesn't watch tv/movies, but he watched the whole thing! 14) wreck it ralph. 15) dressed for the iron bowl... roll tide! 16) so so soooooo excited this came in the mail! check out grace for grace on etsy! :) cute cute stuff!
funny/favorite/current things...
*we're moving!!!!!!! we're all so excited for this new adventure! we're excited to make friends & get involved in a great church! we're excited for daddy to go to seminary!
*i'm sooooooooooooooo excited to decorate our sweet little house! 
*we loved every second with my brother, nick! he loves his nephews & they adore him! he's so loving & patient. so refreshing to be with him!
*i LOVE the holidays!!!!!


melissa said...

hey al! I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog. Would love to get in touch with you about a few things...any chance I could get your contact info?
My email is
grace and peace - m

isabel said...

love the photos

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