November 17, 2012

lately grams

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1) my sweet sweet boys after their bath/shower... one of their favorite things to do is act like babies when they're all wrapped up in their towels. it's humorous. 2) crafts. 3) sammy was being feisty & didn't want to be in the picture. 4) beautiful farm house in michigan. 5) short but sweet time with our cute friends owen & eden. 6) twins/pals. 7) happy place! for our anniversary we spent sometime looking at antiques! 8) cutest b & b that my husband (of 6 years) surprised me with!!!! he knows me soooo well!!!!!!! antiques, b & b alone with him, dinner, breakfast in bed, movie... couldn't be happier! 9) breakfast in bed by the fire at our b & b. 10) on the porch. 11) headed to our movie with this hottness. 12) anniversary roses that jude picked out. he's REALLY good at picking flowers... like it's crazy. 13) candy land with my ALMOST 4 YEAR OLD!!! 14) found these 2 sleeping like this at grandmom's house. i'm soooo grateful that our boys love each other! 15) some quality time with great grandma.
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude picked up an onion ring at dinner (i made them from scratch & they were baked in the oven... super healthy ;)) & said, this is an "O"! 
*jude's also picked up a paint brush & painted the letter "I". what is happening to my little boy?!!!
*one of my favorite things jude says... "if i do that, because i do that". very good logic. ;)
*sammy says E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. oh my goodness! i'm like not surprised by anything he says now.
*amos... if i even act like i'm hurt he leans in & says "sorry mommy" & puts his head on me. so tender hearted.
*i just ordered THIS BEAUTIFUL PRINT!!! can't wait to get it & put it up!
*i'm selling a ton of furniture on craigslist to buy some furniture at antique stores or craigslist. ;) yay!!! ikea dressers, record player cabinet, bookshelf, changing table. yay!!!!
*my brother is coming in 3 days & i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*thanksgiving is almost here & wow it's one of my favorites!!!

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