November 3, 2012

lately grams

sorry about the overload of pictures. i missed last week. ;)
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1)-6) we visited the cutest apple orchard/pumpkin patch. we ate some doughnuts & bought some apples & pumpkins. we buy a "pumpkin family" every year. 7)-8) date night at a yummy italian restaurant in downtown grand rapids! 9) grandmom took jude for the morning so i got the morning with the 2 littles. so fun! 10)-12) the last of the leaves! :( 13) smiling face. mommy & amos time after nap before brothers wake up. it's becoming a normal thing. ;) 14)-15) collecting & painting leaves. 16) fall mantel. 17)-20) nature center for a scavenger hunt with the cousins. 21)-25) jude & i took a trip to chicago!!! 21) navy pier behind my big boy! 23) aquarium fun! we waited outside in the cold for 1 1/2 hours! 24) veggie dogs after the aquarium. 25) he looks like a little old man. 26)-27) we got sweet sweet time with our friends from memphis!!! they made the brave trip north to spend a few days with us... & it was soooo refreshing! we were soooo sad when they left! 28) made this yummy yummy soup the other night & we couldn't stop eating it! i was sooo full!
funny/favorite/current things...
*the other day jude said to me, "i'm so glad i'm home with you"! 
*when sammy shares something he looks at me & smiles so big & says, "darew" (there). 
*amos has started saying, "otay" just like sammy.
*funniest thing in my life right now... amos gets this crazy laugh & starts running & then he usually ends up tripping. it's hilarious! 
*we're eating a ton of soup! it's soooo cold here!
*my brother is coming in about 2 weeks to be with us for Thanksgiving!
*my little sister & her boyfriend are coming home from australia in about a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's been gone for a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Green Nest said...

Love these! Your mantle looks so cute...have to steal the idea of painting leaves...all the pretty leaves - WOW!...that soup - YUM!...and where did you get your vegan donuts? Have a blessed day!

allison barker said...

they weren't vegan donuts. every once in awhile we eat something that's not vegan. ;)

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