October 8, 2012

we want him near... A LOT

daddy went away for a few days & MAN WE MISSED HIM! life is just better when he's around. i'm a quality time girl so... i pretty much want to be with this man 24/7!!!! :) life is good... we're on a family trip... & we're eating it up!!! praise the LORD that He's made us creatures who need connection & relationship. i'm also so so glad my husband loves time with us too! he just makes the barker family happy! 


la petite lulu said...

There is nothing quite like Daddy time! It's amazing how much you learn to (re) appreciate your husband when they go away hey. Enjoy your family trip :)

justicepirate.com said...

I am the same way. I hate not being around my husband and I love him spending time with our sons. I adore every song that Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong did together.

kate said...

ahhhhh one of my favorite songs/versions! just found you through embrace the camera and i'm loving it:) what precious boys you have!

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