October 11, 2012

this lady

today is my BEAUTIFUL mommy's birthday! she passed away 4 1/2 years ago & i miss her so greatly! i miss her more now that i'm a mommy. i wish i could ask her advice & ask her how she handled things when we were little. i wish she could be here to delight in her grandkids & i wish they could know her. she was such a wonderful mom & i have learned so much from her strengths & weaknesses. my siblings & i are so so blessed! i'm grateful for the Lord's sovereignty in her life & ours. i cannot wait to hug her in the presence of our Savior!!!!!
how gracious my Father is to me as a mommy. i pray that in all of my ups & downs that ultimately He would be glorified. that my children would see my strengths & sins & they would turn to my Lord. i pray that when the Lord takes me home that i will be found faithful. i pray that at the end of everyday i will be found faithful... & that doesn't mean being perfect. ;) just faithful to show them Christ & be humble before them & repent of my sins. i'm so grateful for the calling of being "mommy" & i'm so grateful for my mom's example. thank You Lord, how could i ask for more?!

(photo credit... mary)

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