October 25, 2012

sweet family

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(embracing the camera here. & a lot of embracing the camera happened yesterday as well.)

we took some family photos with mike's family the other day. it was fun! we've been so blessed to be able to live near all of them for a few months. we're grateful that our boys have gotten a lot of quality time with them before the Lord sends us out into full time ministry & possibly the mission field. jude, sammy & amos have enjoyed getting to play with their cousins... A LOT! i've REALLY enjoyed getting to know my sister-in-law, rachel. i consider her a dear friend.
mike's mom & dad have supported us greatly over the years & they continue to do so. WE ARE SOOO BLESSED! not many people have parents & in-laws that support them financially & in words & actions. we cannot thank them enough! we are so grateful that the Lord is providing through them. 
thank you, mike & fancie! our family is blessed & all the people that the Lord puts in our lives in the future will be blessed by your investment in our training & support of our ministry!!!! glory be to God for your generous hearts with your children, grandchildren & so many others. we love you guys!

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Danielle Huddleston said...

Great pics!

Mommy Girl said...

what a beautiful family! how fun that you get these moments all together

Boni Lady said...

Great family pics and awesome {embrace} moments!

justicepirate.com said...

Your children are so beautiful and that is great that you got to spend time and get to know your sister-in-law more. I'd like to do that more with all of my sisters-in-laws (I have 3), but one is so private, one who is more open with me lives far, and the other one who is a bit of both I actually do spend time with pretty regularly. Everyone looks so nice with all those beautiful leaves!!!

sarah k said...

Gorgeous family shots!

I have involved and generous parents, too....I'm so grateful!

kendra @ little almanac said...

these photos are gorgeous! Lovely family and beautiful backdrop!

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