October 31, 2012

nyc & lists that give life

i went to visit my sister in nyc about a month ago... it was sooo refreshing!
it was such a nice visit & it happened at a time that i NEEDED to get away & have time by myself/without children. ;)
sometimes we can get so caught up in living life that we don't evaluate how our hearts are doing. are we giving them what they need? we need regular time with our Savior to keep our perspective right, but we also should consider what gives us life. it's so important to do as many life-giving things as we possibly can. & often we have to do things that are life-sucking... but it's all about balance. here's some of my lists (not in any particular order)...
*being creative/making things
*time with my husband! even just sitting on the couch & watching a movie/show
*time with friends
*hosting people in our home
*planning & throwing parties
*time alone in a coffee shop reading the Word/journaling/good books
*good music

*being stuck in the house for days & days
*lack of fellowship with the body of Christ
*not completing my "to do list"
*getting behind on keeping the house up
*discord with family or friends
*not having a regular routine

when we encounter "life-sucking" things we should be aware of how much those things are happening in our life & try to balance them out with "life-giving" things. :) the Lord is what steadies us ultimately. He is never changing.

"but i have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. i will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me." 
psalm 13:5-6


Priscilla Ackaret said...

Wow!!! We share "life giving" & "life sucking" interests. If I were to list mine they'd be the same! So glad you got to get away! It refreshes me to relate so much to someone:)

christina marie said...

I like how you organized these lists. Very simple and straight-forward. Too often, I tend to complicate what could be the issue - when really I just need to balance out the lists.

allison barker said...


Meghan Newsom said...

I found your blog via cakies and I'm so glad I did!! Wanted to say a hello from your newest follower! Me!! What a beautiful family you have:) I cant wait to explore your site more.

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