October 23, 2012

not my to do list

i'm sooooo type A, so "to do list" minded that i even treat my kids like they're my "to do list" sometimes. getting dirty diapers changed i feel like i've accomplished something, giving them baths i feel like i can check it off my list, filling their bellies with yummy food another thing off the list. 

i need to enjoy the process... not just the end result. i don't want to rush to what's next just so i can get the satisfaction of finishing the task. i want to be in the moments with them & soak it all up. i know it will be gone before i know it. this life is fleeting. i'm here with them... now. i get everyday, all day with them & that will be gone before i know it. 

"so teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."
psalm 90:12


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